The Satyagyan Foundation is an Indian non-governmental organization that believes in the economic empowerment of women. Since 2009 it has been running skills training, literacy, and sports programming to underprivileged women in and around Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. We work to provide women with the skills and support they need to earn incomes and achieve economic independence.  

The common thread in all our work is empowerment; fostering vocational skills among women enhances their standard of living and enables them to live with greater independence and dignity. Helping women improve their finiancial literacy skills and gain employment enables them to have a greater say in financial decisions and play a more active role in their communities.   

A commitment to gender equality and women’s rights is at the core of all we do, and is woven through our policies and practices. We advocate for gender equality and women’s rights, seeking to draw media attention and public awareness to the cause, generate discussion, and achieve a reach far beyond the scope of our direct programming.